Researcher |
Head of Research Unit
Assistant Professor Soranart Sinuraibhan, Ph.D.
  • Architectural and Environmental Design for Health and Well-being
  • Western Architectural History and Theory
Assistant Professor Saithiwa Ramasoot, Ph.D.
  • Architectural History and Theory
  • Architectural and Urban Conservation
  • Adaptive reuse and Relationship between Old and New Built Environment
  • Design for Health
  • Architectural Development
Assistant Professor Tanasi Samphantharak Petyim, Ph.D.
  • Healing Landscape
  • Landscape Design for Kids
  • Aging Care Architecture Landscape
  • Landscape, Identity and Well-being
  • Landscape Architectural History and Theory
Assistant Professor Supreeya Wungpatcharapon, Ph.D.
  • Participatory Design in Built Environment
  • Community and City Development
Kuanchai Kakaew
  • Sustainable Design in Architecture
  • Universal design
  • Construction technology
  • Building technology
Assistant Professor Prapassara Naka Phanumphai
  • Landscape Planning and design
  • City Green Space 
  • Community Space
Researcher (Architect)
Sutida Sattayakorn, Ph.D.
  • Built environment and human health; Healthy built environment; Healthcare facility design; Healing environment; Design for well-being, health, and care for vulnerable occupants.
  • Environmental psychology: Relationship between physical environment and human behaviour.
  • Sustainable built environment: Architectural design concerning human well-being, cultural and social aspects of sustainability
Research Assistant |
Project Coordinator
Piyaphon Sutthisap
Thananukit Jadchonbot